Always one step ahead.

With MK|MES, cycle times and error messages in the production process are recorded and made available for analyses. In order to obtain the best possible output times for different products, all process steps and their duration must be known precisely. The cycle times determined for each process can then be used to identify bottlenecks in production and eliminate them in the long term. MK|MES continuously monitors the processes and provides immediate feedback if a malfunction occurs.

All advantages at a glance.

Keeping track.

You can look at the time or error message areas at any time and analyze them as required. Various zoom levels offer the option of making the analysis period larger or smaller.

Always know everything.

The recording of detailed error patterns ensures continuous quality improvement. Because if you know what is not working optimally, you can initiate countermeasures. The selection of possible defects depends on the product and, thanks to MK|MES, is individually adapted to the respective process. Thus, only defects that fit the workplace are recorded.

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