Product Scheduling – smart, digital planning

Are you looking to make your production processes even more efficient and optimize the utilization of your machines? In that case, product scheduling is the perfect solution for your company!

Product scheduling is an important tool for optimizing production processes. It enables you to plan production in such a way that your machines are optimally used to capacity and your production orders are completed on time and in a cost-efficient way.

Through automated planning and monitoring of production processes, you can identify bottlenecks at an early stage and respond to them quickly. As a result, your production processes can be streamlined and made even more flexible. At the same time, you minimize the risk of downtime and avoid needless costs.

With product scheduling, you can not only optimize your production processes, but also increase your competitiveness. Let us shape the future of your production together – contact us today or read on in this article about how detailed product scheduling can revolutionize your company!

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What Objectives does Detailed Production Scheduling Pursue?

The utilization of automated and forward-looking processes supports both manual and cognitive activities. What this means for product scheduling: less effort with the highest quality of results. When it comes to managing the interplay of capacities, inventories and sales, the balance between a reliable planning concept and the shortest possible response time is indispensable.

Product scheduling allows companies a multi-level view of:

  • Inventories
  • Capacities
  • Scheduling
  • Set-up Times

In everyday production, changes to schedules are often necessary. If personnel is absent, a supplier delivers incorrect material or an unexpected rush order is placed, rescheduling is needed almost instantly. Advanced product scheduling allows a fast reaction to deviations from the plan and the implementation of necessary changes with just one click.

State-of-the-art planning software visualizes the timing and logistics of all production processes within the company. The software considers all production-relevant data. In this way, you can keep a close eye on inventory levels and effectively prevent bottlenecks. A realistic picture of your current capacity situation awaits you: Accurate data is the basis for an integrated view of your available capacities, enabling you to comprehend and assess your entire supply chain.

The combination of automated scheduling of changes and multi-level production plans, fine-tuned to your capacity and material availability, results in reduced inventory expenses. By ensuring the availability of resources at all times and with real-time updates, costs are minimized within your production operations. Additionally, companies can efficiently schedule resource allocation, fitting individual order deadlines, as well as prioritize orders as they come in.

The Goals of product scheduling are

  • increasing the ability to provide information
  • reducing process time 
  • improving on-time delivery to customers
  • minimize inventory costs

What are the Benefits of Product Scheduling?

Product scheduling offers companies numerous advantages: it increases the efficiency and flexibility of production, improves the quality of products, creates transparency and reduces costs. By optimizing production processes, companies can increase their competitiveness and improve customer satisfaction.

These Benefits are offered by product scheduling

Increased efficiency

Through product scheduling, companies can optimize their production processes and make optimal use of their machines. This means less idle time and higher production efficiency. As a result, companies can increase their productivity and reduce their costs.


Product scheduling enables companies to react quickly to changes. Bottlenecks or delays can be identified and resolved early, increasing production flexibility. This also means that companies can respond more quickly to customer requests and thus increase customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Product scheduling helps companies improve the quality of their products. By continuously monitoring production, errors and defects can be detected at an early stage. This reduces waste and increases customer satisfaction.


Product scheduling creates a transparent view of production processes. This gives companies a comprehensive overview of their production and allows them to make decisions quickly and easily.

Cost Reduction

By optimizing production and avoiding idle time, companies can reduce costs. Product scheduling enables companies to make optimal use of their resources and thus reduce their costs.

Unbeatable Benefits of the MK|Ware Software for detailed production scheduling

Easy To Use

The software clearly displays the processing time of orders and is straightforward to use and manage. Information on staff, work schedules and inventory levels are quickly and conveniently retrieved. Companies can adjust individual data points according to current circumstances, increasing the efficiency of individual work steps significantly. Problems will be quickly identified and solutions are found without delay.

Transparent analysis functions

Product scheduling provides an overview of critically overloaded stations and highlights the status of day-to-day demand and staff scheduling. The ratio of planned orders to current capacity is presented in a graphic format. You can easily spotlight delayed orders, personnel shortages, or unavailable material to ensure that you don't lose track of what's going on.

Versatile integration options

Product scheduling can be integrated into various interfaces in a multi-layered way. This makes it an optimal solution for small companies as well as for large enterprises. The system can be used reliably with the appropriate IT environment.

Thanks to the digital store floor management, product scheduling is designed to be precise and flexible, in order to react to changing conditions and requirements in real time and thus ensure optimal resource utilization.

MK|MES – the Smart Solution for your Product Scheduling

For an effective and optimal calculation of operational workflows, our software MK|MES is the right tool. Using our highly specialized product solution, you will collect better data, reduce processing times and save on inventory costs. Take your product scheduling to a new level with MK|Ware.

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