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Check the overall plant effectiveness of your workstations with MK|Performance and clearly display the results on a dashboard. 

All advantages at a glance.

Transparent trend analysis.

Key figures are the basis of your success. Because if you can measure changes, you have the opportunity to quickly counteract a negative trend. Use our software to identify trends in the different areas of your company and to determine valid, comparable key figures. This can be done in production or on the management level. As management, you can see the current key figures for all locations in a transparent, bundled display and have the opportunity to react immediately.

Predictive Maintenance.

It is important to maintain and keep an eye on production facilities preventatively. Defective aggregates or machine parts lead to longer downtimes than require constant minor maintenance. With MK|Performance, we offer you the possibility to keep track of this at a glance.

Three factors for success.


The availability factor takes into account all time periods that lead to no production. A distinction is made between planned and unplanned downtimes. While planned downtimes (e.g. maintenance) can usually be well calculated into production, unplanned downtimes due to defects, lack of personnel or materials are periods that should ideally be avoided.


The performance factor is the comparison between the target quantity and the achieved production quantity. Initially, the achieved production quantity does not take into account any qualitative evaluations.


This quality factor focuses on the production quantity generated versus the usable production quantity. This factor has a particularly significant impact on your profit. If this value falls below 100%, you will lose raw material, personnel and machine time as well as energy.

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