What is Machine Data Collection (MDC)?

Machine data collection, or MDC for short, is the technique used to collect and analyze machine operating data. MDC programs are commonly used in factories and production facilities, to assist in monitoring and diagnosing errors and problems. Machine data collection systems may capture machine performance, machine conditions, processes, and environmental conditions. In addition, some systems also allow employee operation of the machine to be recorded and monitored.

Machine Data Collection is the interface between equipment on the shop floor and information processing in businesses. Collecting machine data provides greater transparency, which will help to optimize production processes in the long term. MDC is a big step towards a digitized production. In this article, you can find out how machine data collection works, and why it is an advantage for your company.

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Goals of Machine Data Collection

The overall goal of machine data collection is to increase productivity in the long term by collecting production-related data in manufacturing. Analyzing this data can result in more efficient machine utilization and better order planning.

MDC systems take the following tasks:

  • Recording Production Quantities
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Error Messages
  • Analysing Production Data and Disruptions
  • Cloud Data Storage

What does Machine Data consist of?

Machine data comes in a wide variety of forms. In addition to basic information such as capacity utilization or machine status, machine data may also include production output and energy consumption. There are two types of machine data, process data and product data.

Process Data

  • Data concerning machine operations
  • are used to monitor the Production Process

Product Data

  • are obtained during Production
  • include Measurements of the Production Units
  • are used for Production Quality Analysis

What kinds of Production Data are there?

Production Data serves as a key indicator of industrial performance and provides insight into the quality of production. The relevant data can be both qualitative and quantitative and varies depending on the type of product. For example, they may refer to weight, thickness and temperature during production, or the number of units produced.

What are the Benefits of Machine Data Collection Software?

Digitization is an important success factor in industry. Taking a look at the benefits of digitized machine data collection, it becomes clear just how essential it is to increasing productivity.

Machine Data Collection: these are the Benefits

  • Downtime Reduction
  • Optimized Machine Utilization
  • More efficient Scheduling of Maintenance Works
  • Valuable insights for Quality Management
MDC softwares allow your company to boost productivity and remain competitive in the long term.

Digitizing Production – MDC-Software by MK Ware

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For a complete integrated machine data collection, the combination of our MK | Code software with our products MK | MES and MK | Performance is particularly useful.

One major advantage of MK|Ware Software: Since it is vendor-independent, it can be optimally implemented in your existing infrastructures. Moreover, it can be individually configured to perfectly suit your company's manufacturing processes.

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