Machine Planning Software – Efficient Scheduling of Machine Resources

Real-time planning for resources and machines: a machine planning software is used to effectively optimize project processes. Software for machine planning combines a wide range of features to support your planning processes on a single platform.

Machines can be assigned to orders directly for clear scheduling of resources. Individual plans are then synched with the actual progress of the order so that machines are used economically. Visual graphs highlight possible overlaps so that actual capacities can be viewed at all times.

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What is the Use of Machine Planning?

Planning machine occupancy is an immensely important task in most companies. Role-based scheduling is ideal for coordinating machine occupancy and machine utilization and preventing overlap in scheduling. With capacity leveling, companies can always keep an eye on over- and under-utilization of their machines. With our machine planning software, you always know how many machines are needed at what time, where capacity utilization problems are to be expected and where bottlenecks could occur.

Well-founded Machine Planning enables the detailed planning within production of:

  • Machines
  • NC Programs
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Employees in the Machine Center

Similar to individual human resources, material resources such as rooms, systems and machines can also be scheduled. A central resource pool for machine planning records which types of machines are scheduled to be used for which projects. Specific machines can then be configured individually. This gives you an ideal overview of your personnel and your material resources.

Using machines together within multiple operations save costs efficiently. The costs are not based on the various processes; instead, they are calculated over the entire period. A shared machine park can be employed for multiple operations simultaneously and assign the machines to the various tasks.

Take preventative measures to ensure capacity and always keep an eye on available resources. Maintenance intervals for individual machines are recorded digitally through machine planning. Thereby, maintenance cannot be missed, and unscheduled downtimes are avoided. The location of the machines is also always visible.

Your Benefits using the Machine Planning Software from MK|Ware

  • Concise and digital: The planning dashboard of machine use provides a detailed overview and full control of planning. You benefit from high-quality, effective capacity use and always have an eye on maintenance intervals and times.
  • Ideal utilization: The machine park is optimally utilized.
  • Smooth processes: Error monitoring prevents poor planning by flagging potential conflicts.
  • Transparency: All employees have access to locations and availability.
  • Meaningful insights: Use Google Maps to provide you with practical navigation to the locations of the machines.
  • Save resources: With the help of our software, you not only save resources in production, but also in the time you spend on machine planning.

Efficient Machine Planning with MK|MES

In order for machine planning to enable smooth processes and informative insights, reliable software is necessary. MK|MES is the right product for you. By recording detailed error images and recording cycle times and fault messages, our product ensures continuous monitoring and improvement of quality.

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