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MK|Ware products ensure the flow in planning, controlling, and monitoring productions.

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Gamechanger MK|Ware.

MK|Ware enables efficient control of production in real time. The software is directly connected to the heterogeneous systems of process automation and uses the process, product and operating data of the machines in each case.

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Especially in industry, detailed knowledge of production processes significantly increases efficiency. The MK|Ware software solution provides you with a complete overview of your entire value chain. The precise solutions help to optimize workflows.

One step ahead.

Fantasitic tool and multi-talent.

One of the special advantages of our MK|Ware is its adaptability to any system. Regardless of the production area and the size of the production plant. The program is configured to measure for the prospective job. This means that this flexible software can easily be integrated into all processes.

Special focus on fine tuning.

Even if your production processes are already efficient and effective, there is still great potential for optimization. Get the last percent out of your processes with MK|Ware and perfect your workflows. MK|Ware increases efficiency, enhances transparency and reduces costs.

Easy to see through.

MK|Ware Dashbaord
With the MK | Dashboard, the most important information of the production plant is always available. The most important key figures of the current order as well as the machine statuses of the last 24 hours are displayed on one screen in a bundled and transparent manner in real time. It could hardly be clearer and more up-to-date.

You can count on that.

plants are monitored worldwide by MK| Ware
employees working with MK | Ware.
packaging units having obtained
a label by MK | Ware.

machinealarms are aleready recorded by MK | Ware.
parts incl. batch tracking packed with the help of MK | Ware.
manufactured products were recorded by MK | Ware.